Seen the News?

Lindsey Graham has completely changed his position.

This time on offshore drilling.

But close your eyes, and remember…

Before Lindsey was against offshore drilling, he was for it.

Lindsey: I want to drill offshore more aggressively.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Lindsey has taken over five hundred thousand dollars from the oil and gas companies…and he delivered this — the South Carolina Offshore Drilling Act.

Lindsey: This is a win-win proposal.

The kicker?

Three days after Graham introduced his bill, the oil companies threw him a swanky DC fundraiser. Cheers.

So now two months before an election, when he needs your vote more than ever, Lindsey Graham completely flip flops on offshore drilling.

But remember – he works for them. Not you.

Lindsey Graham. He’s everything you hate about politics, in one man.