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July 14, 2020
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Lindsey Must Go PAC Releases First Pro-Harrison Ad of 2020 Cycle

Charleston, SC — Lindsey Must Go (LMG PAC), the super PAC dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham and electing Jaime Harrison, released the PAC’s first pro-Harrison ad of the 2020 cycle.

The ad, While I Breathe I Hope, spans over a minute long and features a Harrison voiceover telling a story of meeting a female custodial worker in the United States Capitol, where Mr. Harrison worked for Majority Whip James Clyburn. The woman told Mr. Harrison that she attended the same high school as Harrison’s mother, remembered when his mother dropped out to give birth to Mr. Harrison, and is given ‘hope’ by his life story.

Watch While I Breathe I Hope here

It’s a story that has become well known in Democratic circles in South Carolina, as Harrison has told it numerous times in public over the past several years. With LMG PAC using it as the focus for this most recent ad, the group hopes to bring the story to the masses and provide a strong positive contrast to the negativity used in Lindsey Graham’s most recent attacks against Harrison.

“This is a story that Jaime has told throughout his career. It has become an inspiration to so many in South Carolina and we’re excited to be able to share it with voters,” said Stephen Groves, Co-Chair of LMG PAC. “In a time of toxic divisiveness in our politics, culture, and everyday life, Jaime brings a fresh, positive message of hope and this ad is a reminder of that. We look forward to highlighting Jaime’s positive vision for South Carolina while continuing to remind voters that Lindsey Graham has forgotten about the folks back home.”