June 25, 2020

As Trump heads to court to end Obamacare during a pandemic, Lindsey Graham sits on his hands

Charleston, SC — With the Trump Administration heading to Federal court today in an effort to strip health care from hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians, “Lindsey Must Go” PAC spokesman Tyler Jones released the following statement:

“As the Trump Administration heads to Federal court today in an attempt to completely gut the Affordable Care Act and rip essential healthcare away from hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians in the middle of a pandemic, Lindsey Graham’s deafening silence says it all. South Carolina has become a hotspot for COVID-19 and Lindsey Graham and his puppeteer Donald Trump believe people have too much healthcare.

Senator Graham, we all know you are walking lockstep with Trump but do South Carolinians’ healthcare have to be the collateral damage of his actions? It’s time for Lindsey Graham to put South Carolina first for a change and find the backbone he lost after the 2016 election.”

According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), there have been 28,962 confirmed COVID cases in the state — including 1,106 new cases announced today.