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July 27, 2020
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New LMG PAC Poll finds Harrison and Graham neck-and-neck in South Carolina

Biden down by just 5 points in Palmetto State

Charleston, SC — Lindsey Must Go (LMG PAC), the Super PAC dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham and electing Jaime Harrison, released the results from an internal poll on Monday showing a statistical tie among informed voters in South Carolina.

The poll (attached below), conducted by ALG Research and in partnership with Collective Future, shows Graham leading Harrison by just four points (49% – 45%) in a generic head-to-head race, just outside the margin of error. However, the poll also shows that as voters become informed about the candidates, the race shifts greatly in Harrison’s favor, giving him a one-point lead (49% to 48%).

The results caught the immediate attention of longtime Democratic political consultant and former Chief Strategist for Bill Clinton, James Carville.

“This poll is not good news, this is VERY good news for Jamie Harrison.” Carville said, “And almost equally important, it is terrible news for Lindsey Graham.”

The numbers for Graham don’t get any better when you dig a little deeper. He is under water when polled on job review – with 51% disapproving and only 47% approving of his performance – and voters resoundingly agree that the Senator is dishonest and untrustworthy (53%), does not share South Carolinians’ values (56%), and is not a strong leader (53%). 59% of voters say Graham puts his own political power first and 57% agree he will say anything to get elected.

“The country may be shocked by the results of this poll, but in South Carolina, this is simply an affirmation of the type of politician Lindsey has become,” said Lauren Harper, Spokesperson for LMG PAC. “Absent, out of touch, and headed downhill fast. Lindsey is clearly more interested in golfing in DC and making appearances on Fox News than he is about helping South Carolinians get through this global pandemic. He hasn’t even attempted to deliver for our state – and the people of South Carolina are tired of it – and tired of him.”

The poll also revealed a tight presidential race in South Carolina with President Trump holding just a five-point lead (50% – 45%) over former Vice President Joe Biden in a state that has not voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since Jimmy Carter in 1976.


A copy of the poll results can be accessed here