June 9, 2020

Lindsey Must Go PAC releases statement on Lindsey Graham’s Primary Victory

Charleston, SC – After Senator Lindsey Graham was declared the winner of the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, “Lindsey Must Go” PAC spokesman Tyler Jones released the following statement in response:

“Congratulations to Lindsey Graham on officially completing his transformation from principled leader to Trump lapdog – just in time to win his primary. After all, that’s what this whole act has been about.

So in honor of his mesmerizing metamorphosis, the “Lindsey Must Go” PAC would like to present Senator Graham with the “Best Actor” award. Not since Jack Nicholson’s performance in ‘The Shining’ have we seen such an incredible performance by a leading actor portraying such a disturbing individual. Bravo, Lindsey.

Everyone in South Carolina understands that Lindsey Graham isn’t a leader, he’s an actor; portraying a role in order to appease the critics and maintain power at all costs. While we are downright impressed with his ability to morph into the kind of politician he spent his entire career railing against, South Carolina voters are sick and tired of his double-talk. Fortunately, we have a better choice in Jaime Harrison – a man of enormous character and integrity who will always put the people of South Carolina first.

Congratulations on winning your last election, Lindsey. Because November is going to hurt and Jaime Harrison will be the new Senator from South Carolina.”